Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to deal with criticism

So today, I have been thinking of ways to handle criticism and I will start putting them into practice. But first, I thought I'd write them down so that I could refer back to this post when necessary and I figured this could help others out as well.

1. Usually criticism bothers us the most when it is true or when deep down we already feel this way about ourselves.

This is actually a good thing in disguise. It forces you to confront your demons and face the fact that you either need to change something about yourself, OR you need to change the way you view yourself. Either way, see this as an opportunity to grow.

2. Being laughed at or made fun of is always great for everyone else, not you.

Unless you decide that you will make fun of yourself as well. This seems to soften the blow on how foolish you just looked or how pathetic you think you are now. In the next instant, no one will care anyway. Besides, it happens to everyone.

3. If you are being criticized for your opinion it doesn't mean you are wrong.

It doesn't mean you are right either, because its totally subjective. Keep this in mind the next time someone disagrees with you.

Hopefully this info is as helpful for you as it is for me. Thanks for reading :)